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#orangeshirtcrew #bladingcup2014

Download the new Brian Freeman @vibraluxdenimusa section NOW! 📷 Havana Mahoney

#valoxstrange Story on 📷 @brandonsmith8 @theestrange

Lil man rips @martin_danning check out his latest onliner

Brian Freeman’s current setup. @valohead be on the look out tomorrow for his @vibraluxdenimusa online section✊

That new @valohead 🎥 by @vibraluxdenimusa dropping tomorrow

Thanks to @mekahdesign for hooking up this year’s custom signage

Congrats 1st and 2nd Place Jeeresak and Memen @jtinline @memenmansor at ‘Karnival Orang Muda at YSB Skatepark’ #valoasia #karnivalorangmuda #kom

The GW progress @bladingcup

#thegreatwall is taking shape @justokie @miguelcamina @nobodyis @luxarmor 🙏

Steady building @bladingcup

#valoeu Full Update on @tonycheetah 180

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