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Solid day in Frankfurt with @patrickridder @stranne @timrobot @theblackjackproject

Day 6 Frankfurt,Germany @patrickridder DIY Sweaty update on

HBD! @rspizer

@victorrarias fakie negative mistrial 📷 @juicedsuckafoos @oakland_blade_jam

We visited Grindhouse Skate Shop today : Since 1995

The biggest blading shop in Europe.

GH just recently moved into there new location last week.
So we got the 1st hand look into their new warehouse and show room. Check the update on

Thanks for the post 🙏@dirtboxbladeco check the whole edit

Gallery and Edit

Patrick Riddder & Jon Julio visit Grindhouse. Edit and Gallery now online @patrickridder B Slide

Thank you @luxarmor for hosting. Hope to see you August 23rd in Long Beach. Bring your blades! We’ll have ramps set up, music,food, beer, piñata , and free product toss @bladingcup #bladingcup2014

Valo Production part 4 Final Impressions now on

Claudio has built every final Valo Sample since 2003

@valobrand #madeinitaly

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